5 Latest Web Design Trends to Watch


5 Latest Web Design Trends to Watch

With web design continually evolving, sometimes it can be hard keeping up with latest trends. Last year brought us many significant changes, with the biggest of them all being mobile browsing taking over the desktop.

As we move on through 2022, it’s obvious even more pivotal changes are expected to happen. So today we look at latest web design trends which will help you stay in the game.

1. Broken Grid themes

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is precisely that gives a website a modern look. Let’s say you can never go wrong with broken grid layouts. Simple yet striking, they quickly draw the visitor’s attention and can be used to point out essential elements.

Some say this is due to their resemblance to social media, while others believe it gives the impression of professionalism. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt you should try the broken grid.

2. Animated Backgrounds

Browsers are getting more powerful, and internet bandwidths are becoming more extensive. So, websites today are allowed to include more moving details than ever before. One of the most popular ones is the particle style.

Made out of simple animations and encoded via javascript, they are easy to make and smooth to run on any device. And while they’re not as complex and as detailed as some other types, they give just enough motion to enrich the space around them, making them a valuable asset for every web developer.

3. Mobile-friendliness

As mentioned above, last year we’ve entered a new era where mobile devices became as present on the Web as desktop computers. Making them a market not to be taken lightly, especially if your business is tied to IT industry and digital marketing.

There are many reasons to optimize your website for mobile browsing. First, if you value your customers and clients, you’ll want to make their browsing experience as pleasant as possible to motivate them to spend as much time on it as possible.

Secondly, with mobile devices taking over the browsing area, search engines are altering their algorithms to give way to websites with better optimization for mobile viewing. Simply put, the more mobile-friendly your site is, the better it will be ranked by search engines, and the more traffic you’ll get.

4. More video

Sure, having subtile animations is one way to attract more attention. But nothing tells a story like video.

Having video content on your website is the easiest and quickest way to catch your visitors’ attention, and more important – keep it. While animations are repeatable, videos and audios are always unique and intriguing, as they encourage visitors to find out more, thus spending more time on your website.

5. Original illustrations and infographics

Our brain is naturally inclined to look at shapes and drawings, no matter how rudimentary or simple they might be. Adding examples does not only enrich the site, but it also emits a feeling of devotion and enthusiasm.

Same goes for infographics. No matter how fundamental they may appear, they add to the visual style while also giving out an atmosphere of professionalism. So make sure to include them wherever you deem appropriate.

There are still many booming web trends out there, but let’s say these are the ones with most potential so far. But remember, as digital marketing becomes an integral part of our lives, there’s no guarantee that something popular today could be the best pick tomorrow. So if you want to stay on top, it’s essential to keep up with latest developments, while staying original at the same time.

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